North & South: ‘In Review, The Best of Books & Music’

North & South, Michael King.  “The notion he is not to be taken seriously as an artist because of the so-called realism of his drawings, portraits, landscape paintings and lithographs is one I reject outright. Sydney’s work has always been about more than realism: it evokes character and mood in a manner that is highly accomplished and, in New Zealand, wholly original. Art critic Peter Simpson perhaps gets closest to identifying the magic of Sydney’s work when he speaks of ‘realism and abstraction subtly nudging each other.’

Sydney’s genius derives from his capacity for selection of perspective and detail, composition, and control of light and colour. And the fact that such coherent juxtapositions add up to genius is clear in a marvellously produced book, The Art of Grahame Sydney, Longacre Press… In addition to being a worthy record of the man and his art, this book must also be a leading contender for the Montana book production award.”