Photography Exhibition: Salamander Gallery, Christchurch

An exhibition of 12 limited edition signed photographs from Grahame Sydney’s time on Ross Island opened in Christchurch on the 20th March.  The prints are 700mm wide, colour on archival paper, in editions of 10.  In his talk Grahame noted ” It is an enviable privilege to have twice been guest of Antarctica New Zealand at Scott Base – the first journey South during November/December 2003, the second in October 2006. Temperatures there at those times of year make the habitual tools of painters like me – pencil and paper, with some watercolour notes perhaps – quite impossible on the ice, and I quickly realised I would have to adapt and make the camera my medium. These images are selected from the many hundreds I shot during those four weeks on and around Ross Island. All photographs are digital images and have not been altered since their taking. My hope is that when everyone can return home with stunning pictures, so astonishing is the Antarctic environment and so easy the digital technology, I can still emerge with a quality of work which reeks of my own vision, my own hand, unlike any other. It’s my hope that when people study these rather minimal images they still find the unmistakable “Sydney” manner and style. It’s a tall order, but worth trying. I found that what I wanted to do with the “landscape” there, how I felt about it, was a little different to what others do and feel – and that’s the way it should be. Art is experience distilled through the personality, and in the remarkable, sterile and subtle world of the Ice I found mirrored a great deal of myself.”