‘Revealing the Artist on the Ice in Show’

Newslink, Emma Carle.  Trying to keep something of himself in his work was the challenge for Grahame Sydney in his latest exhibition.  The well-known Central Otago landscape artist’s exhibition White Silence is on show at the Eastern Southland Gallery.  But this time it’s not paintings.

Sydney has twice been to Antarctica, in 2003 and 2006, and this exhibition is of the photographs he captured there. 

The challenge for his was to let his own voice come through in the image, not simply to have photos of a beautiful landscape.  Instead, his work revels in the subtlety and small shifts of tone and colour rather than subject matter.

“The minimal quality of the place-where one thinks in terms of absences, rather than common-place content – was immensely appealing to me “Sydney said.

Many of the 21 images in the exhibition, which are available for purchase, also feature in Sydney’s recently released book White Silence.

As well as branching into photography, Sydney has more recently ventured into the world of film-making.  His documentary Dreaming of Eldorado: the Old Dunstan Road, which features the Lammermoor Range, was previewed at the Festival of Colour in Wanaka this year.

The Lammermoor Range is the planned site for Project Hayes wind farm which Sydney has vehemently protested.