The Food of Art by Keith Stewart

Grahame Sydney features as one of 16 important and acclaimed New Zealand painters in Keith Stewart’s new book about contemporary art and food. There is a recipe for Grahame’s favourite food – fish and chips – as well as a highly accessible and insightful commentary on Grahame’s painting:

“Grahame Sydney is a spectacular painter, making works which contain within their puny frames whole hillsides of muscular geology and human experience. He squeezes great skies into impossible spaces, so that clouds can race to the ionosphere without concern for the painted edge; he builds sheds which take root in bristling paddocks and offer weathered wood deep beyond their rusted doors.

His paintings never hesitate before an impassable mountain range or nor’wester sky; instead, Sydney reduces them to manageable size, and our own imaginations blow them up to full size again, or even bigger.” Keith Stewart, The Food of Art, Craig Potton Publishing.