The Herald: ‘The Right Words and the Right Images – How They See Each Other’

The Herald.  ‘Owen Marshall on the work of Grahame Sydney.’  “One of the things that I sometimes think is that they’re paintings which are entirely unromanticised but seem to me to be done with a sense of awe – almost reverence. 

It does seem to me that his paintings have authentic emotion contained by an almost perfect mastery of technique, I think that’s what almost traps initial viewers. They’re so fascinated by the technical perfection. I think sometimes Grahame gets a little bit cross at ‘ooh, look how that log just looks like a log.’ It seems to me that the essentials of landscape are seen with the heart. There’s a lot of feeling in his work, but it’s not up front, it’s not indulgent, it’s not demanding of emotion – but there’s a lot of emotional tension there in the paintings.”