The Herald: ‘They Breed ’em Arty Down South’

The NZ Herald, Michele Hewitson.  “In the same way, Sydney travels to the remote reaches of Central Otago to collect images few other people see. Proud of the fact that he is a ‘South Islander and Otago person,’ he believes that, ‘although anchored in my own province and family connections, it doesn’t mean that the work is only appreciated there.’
‘Good work from the corner of anyone’s country is of interest to people anywhere. New Zealanders have paintings of old Dutch masterpieces on their walls. Not because they have any Dutch genealogy – they love it because it’s beautiful and speaks to them in mysterious ways. I like to think that’s what I might do some of the time.’

Like Sydney’s paintings, which transfer bone-chilling winds to warm living rooms, Marshall’s tales transcend the regionalism of their provenance to become universal stories.”