The Press: ‘Friends Win Premier Book Awards’

The Press, Diana McCurdy.  “For author Owen Marshall and artist Grahame Sydney, the pleasure of winning the two premier awards at the 2000 Montana Book Awards is doubly sweet. The premier award winners have been friends for years, and have seen their work featured in each others’ publications on more than one occasion.

Last night in Christchurch, they were respectively presented with the Deutz Medal for fiction and the Montana Medal for non-fiction.

Sydney, who also won the illustrative arts award and the readers’ choice award, said he was overwhelmed by their double success. ‘We have done a lot together and it’s a great pleasure for me to have Owen as a mate,’ he said.

Sydney said he was overwhelmed by his success. ‘I thought it was great to be short-listed and I really had no expectations beyond that. I didn’t think that a book made in Dunedin by a South Islander would win’.”