The Press: ‘Sydney Magic at Work’

The Press, Mathew Appleby.  Grahame Sydney drew large crowds to the opening of his new exhibition at CoCA, evidence of the almost ecstatically emotional response that continues to greet the Otago realist painter’s work… Grahame Sydney, the 52 year-old Dunedin-born realist painter, is one of the most successful artists in New Zealand.

Hours before the show opened, the crowds were massed at the gallery’s main doors. The opening was attended by 500 people, while last Thursday, 600 visitors passed through the gallery in four hours. Sydney’s works, it seems, continue to attract an almost ecstatically emotional response.

When we talk about depicting the landscape we are talking every bit as much about depicting my inward responses as anything visual,” he adds before returning to his beloved Otago skies and hills.