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Stone lithograph, two colours.

Image size: 420mm x 618mm.

Signed, limited edition of 50.

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Lithography is a printmaking process which uses a press to transfer an image that was created initially on a stone or metal plate on to paper.

The basic principle of lithography is the mutual repulsion of oil and water.

The artist draws on a stone or plate with a greasy wax crayon or pencil.  If the lithograph is to be one colour, only one drawing is made.  However, if it is to be mulitple colours, each colour generally requires a seperate stone or plate. 

A craftsman printer then takes over.  The non-image area of the surface is waterproofed and kept wet to prevent the ink from adhering to these areas.  The black original drawing materials are then removed with a solvent, which leaves the greasy image barely visible on the stone. When rolled onto the stone the printing inks, which are also greasy, will adhere to the drawn image area.

 Once the edition has been printed, the stone or plate is destroyed or erased, ensuring that no more impressions can be printed.

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