‘Landmarks’: Shortlisted for NZ Booklovers Awards 2021

The Short List for “NZ Booklovers Awards 2021” has been announced, with 6 in the Lifestyle section, including “Landmarks.” The Judges comments about Landmarks by Grahame Sydney, Brian Turner, and Owen Marshall are: “Any book containing the work of either Grahame Sydney, Brian Turner or Owen Marshall is sure to be a spine-tingler. A book … Read more

New Book: ‘Landmarks’

Order here for delivery early November 2020.  In 1995 the work of three Southern mates, artist Grahame Sydney, fiction writer Owen Marshall and poet Brian Turner was brought together in a seminal publication ‘Timeless Land’.  It went on to become a multi-award winning Kiwi classic. Twenty five years later Penguin have released ‘Landmarks’ a lavish … Read more

Egg Tempera on Gesso: ‘Morning in San Casciano’

Instagram Post: ‘A Love Letter to my Wife’. Egg Tempera on Gesso. I have been saving up the excitement of returning to my beloved egg tempera medium for more than 16 years. This painting is one of what will be a series of figure studies planned for a long time. I find the challenge of … Read more

Oil on Linen: ‘Fog on Muddy Creek Road’

Instagram Post: The metaphor of crossroads crops up again in this latest oil painting. I love the minimalism and mystery fog brings – such reductions, so much only suggested, unknown, unseen. This painting sat unfinished for nearly a year, until on a walk with our dog Teddy one all fog day I noticed a watery … Read more

Watercolour and Gouache: ‘Ramp’

Instagram Post: On a cracker ‘bluebird’ Central Otago winter day like today it seems appropriate to post ‘Ramp’. Pushing watercolour as far as it will go with over a dozen successive washes on that sky. Watercolour and Gouache 530 x 730mm 2017. Private Collection. Return to News Page